As years go by...

Once upon a time the Bouillon Chartier...

Classified historic building in 1989, the restaurant has already known two centuries and is well prepared to get through this brand new one. It is both a prestigious actor of the restaurant business and a privileged witness of parisian life. In this wonderful place, favourable for sweet nostalgy, fifty billions bellies have been satisfied since its creation.
So the description below that would like to satisfy your curiosity will of course not replace a nice visit 7th, rue du faubourg Montmartre, in the ninth district, the best place to feel Paris.

It seems that you enter to work at Chartier as if you intend to enter in religion.
This principle is tacitly admited as only four different owners have ruled the place since its creation in 1896. As well the crew "makes" the place, daily honouring their engagement dressed in their traditional room clothes, le rondin (a black waistcoat with many pockets) and the long white apron.

Above all, and since the very first meal served, the same simple and beautiful ambition is guiding the owners. At the turn of the 19th century, the idea was to serve for a very small price a real hot meal to the blue collar and the people of the neighbourhood: the wellknown "bouillon", a mixture of meat and vegetables.
Today, only the diversity of the clients and the menu have changed.

But at Chartier, where discretion is a master word, a certain spirit remains, a behaviour that turns any client into a converted. Engagement and respect of the customers are not vain words. To whom who can observe, the restaurant is a proof itself. No silk, no cristal, no silverware, but the soul and the authenticity of a unique and timeless place.

You come in through a nice wooden entrance in this place that has "no history with History" quoting the arts person and owner Daniel Lemaire. Vast and clear, the room has glass ceilings and mouldings. Tall mirrors accentuate the perspective, a stair climbs you up to another room where you might find a free place left to sit. Little wooden chairs surrounding tables firmly anchored on the ground with their cast-iron feet. Glossed copper and wood everywhere warm the clients.

At Chartier you feel as if you were at home and elsewhere as well. With the sensation that you are a guest, not only a customer. The pleasure to be here, very tranquil at your place but also being part of the client's community.
And what about these famous wooden racks with numbered drawers laid out along the room? These symbols of Chartier, as old as the restaurant itself, when every customer had its own napkin and could store it in.

We know the customers make the restaurant. Sounds, tastes, smells, sight, everything converge so you will not miss a thing of this fabulous banquet of the senses. But the story of Chartier is the one you tell.